New apartments for filming in Kiev

New apartments for filming

Location managers, working on finding rent apartment for filming often faced with a limited budget of project’s producer group.

Opportunity to find appropriate option in own database of locations for filming, often does not working, because a director and an operator is an already know this option.

We have to work for finding locations using modern technologies. One of the secrets of search and negotiations brings results.

The proposed number for location should inspire the client for a deal.

To the base of locations added three good apartments, whose owners agree to let a filming group. Soon will be conducted   regular scouting and negotiations with the owners, which must lead to successful agreements.

Let’s see ofur apartments with a modern renovation, which will get interesting picture in the frame. All apartments are in the city skyscrapers. Around it parked million cars, when you drive to the next location always catch yourself, thinking how to park cars of a group.

apartments for filming

Unfortunately there is no parking service in our country that will provide cleaning of the territory from cars — can only hope that admins of a group with chips will earlier occupy a parking space. If this is residential complex there is an l hope some assistance. But in any case all admin group have to get up early for what our producers, naturally, do not paid extra.

New apartments for filming are important – like a breath of fresh air for the movie industry of Ukraine, respectively, those property owners who collaborate with the movie worth one’s weight in gold.

Conditions of stay in the location always must be escorted by the locators, the group should keep quiet and order, clearing of facilities must be included in a producer’s estimate, must signed risky contract — only when this basic conditions will be observed, Cinema market in Ukraine will be able to get new and fresh apartments for filming.

And don’t forget about the price, apartment for filming, which will looking good in the frame can’t cost a penny. Property owners want to get good money for that a group of 40-50 people makes a burden on the location which is comparable with a monthly living of large family. Not mention about how much they spent on repairs.

съемок кино в квартире

Apartments for filming that we have looked start from $ 550 per shift, naturally for 12 hours.

Post is s for informative purposes only for those, who want to hand over their property for movie and expresses only the author’s view of the work and problems of the Ukrainian movie industry.